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Vinyl Homogenous Series

TopArmor  PVC Flooring Homogeneous Series is one of the most popular types of vinyl flooring which treated with PUR protect maintenance treatment with high resistance to scratching, scuffing and easy cleaning. It is composed of a or more layer of the same material composition and the same color, pattern throughout the thickness of the product. The composition of 45-55% PVC, 15-20% plasticizers, 25-35% fillers and 2-5% pigments, stabilizers and additives are mixed cold when producing a 2mm thick PVC flooring sheetThe mixture is then rolled out into sheets in a rapid operation under high heat on a calendar. It is normally available in strip format (roll), so it is also called Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring with directional, semi-directional, non-directional pattern designed and colored.

TopArmor PVC Flooring Homogeneous Series has varieties of colour and design to suit your needs.






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